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The science of synergy - the benefits of key vitamins that work well together for skin health

25th Oct 2022

When you think about synergy, think about Mother Nature. Everything found in nature is not found in isolation, it is part of a delicate dance, a symbiotic balance and a relationship that consists of teamwork. Especially in food, we don’t appreciate the synergy of nutrients that work together and support each other to deliver the nutrients we need for the body. Our skin researchers explain the important benefits of key vitamins that work well together for skin health and results.

Synergy is crucial for successful results with supplements. The specific combination of ingredients within each Advanced Nutrition Programme™ product is carefully designed to work harmoniously to deliver skin health.

Gut microbiome

We start by supporting our gut microbiome. Creating an environment where the mucosa, which is the moist inner lining of organs including our nose, mouth, and stomach. As well as its epithelial cells, which cover the inside and outside of the surfaces of our bodies are healthy. This is to ensure are bodies are prepared to absorb the nutrients the gut microbiome needs. If you struggle with absorption, then no matter what you eat or take, key benefits can be lost.

The bacteria found in part of your gut microbiome form part of a complex, diverse community where synergy is essential. They support us by protecting us from pathogens, like viruses and bad bacteria, and help extracting the nutrients and energy from our diet for a normal, healthy immune system.

The two skin-friendly ingredients Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium found in our pioneering Skin Clear Biome™ and Skin Youth Biome™ supplements, work in synergy together to enhance the intestinal epithelial layer (the cell layer that form the lining of the small and large intestines), creating a balanced and diverse environment to help you get the most nutrients from what you’re eating and the supplements you’re taking.

Skin Vitality

  • Vitamins E and C are great examples of vitamins working in synergy together for the ultimate antioxidant relationship, as vitamin C helps to regenerate vitamin E[1]. Zinc also helps to transport vitamin A around the body[2].
  • Magnesium supports the transport and activation of vitamin D, meaning supplementing with magnesium can help improve vitamin D levels[3].Furthermore, B vitamins all work together to create the energy necessary for healthy-looking skin.
  • These relationships are all reflected in our Skin Vitality multivitamin.

Skin Collagen Support

  • Our Skin Collagen Support is another combination which works in perfect synergy, as we’ve used a combination of nutrients that help build resilient collagen including vitamin C, grapeseed extract, melon concentrate and MSM. When you think of synergy think of teamwork. Like nature as everything found in nature is not found in isolation and requires a relationship of teamwork. It’s also important to know what ingredients work well together for the best skincare results. It’s clear that creating a healthy gut microbiome environment, by ensuring your gut has a diverse range of skin-friendly bacteria is key to ensure the gut absorbs the nutrients it needs.
  • There are a range of vitamins that work synergistically together including vitamins E and C. Zinc also helps transport vitamin A around the body. There are also co factors that help build resilient collagen including vitamin C, grapeseed extract, melon concentrate and MSM. Ingredients consists of teamwork and how they work together is key for skin health and optimum results. 


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