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The power of synergy with our modern multivitamin

9th Feb 2023

Looking to maximise your skincare results? Our team of experts are here to explain the concept of synergy with our modern multivitamin supplement Skin Vitality and how it should be incorporated into your supplement regime to optimise your skincare results today. Whether you are looking to address problem skindry skin, or ageing skin – this multivitamin is one you shouldn’t live without.

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How synergy works

There are thousands of chemicals reactions happening in the body every minute of the day, these reactions are managed by enzymes. An enzyme is a type of protein found within a cell. They are produced naturally in the body and help with important tasks including destroying toxins and breaking down food particles during digestion [1].

Vitamins and minerals are what fuels the enzymes in their work. Vitamins and minerals work together to support these processes.

For enzymes to do their job, they need specific vitamins or minerals to help them – we call these molecules ‘cofactors’. They essentially switch on enzymes, which can then activate the benefits of nutrients in the body. Without the correct cofactors, we can’t unlock the benefits of nutrients in the body.

Vitamins E and C are great examples of vitamins working in synergy together for the ultimate antioxidant relationship, as vitamin C helps to regenerate vitamin E. Zinc also helps to transport vitamin A around the body. Magnesium supports the transport and activation of vitamin D, meaning supplementing with magnesium is important to help maintain your vitamin D levels. Furthermore, B vitamins all work together to create the energy necessary for healthy-looking skin.

What is important to remember, is that these cofactors get used up as they do their work. Therefore, we need to ensure cofactor vitamins are constantly replenished in the body. We get these vitamins in our diets; but we need a plentiful supply. This was what we had in mind when we formulated our modern multivitamin Skin Vitality, which delivers 28 specifically selected nutrients to help build a foundation of healthy-looking skin. Co-factors are key to optimise skin health benefits and maximise skin results.

With the science on synergy, it’s key why Skin Vitality should be a staple in your supplement regime whatever your skin concern. It’s the foundation of healthy skin and it can be layered on top of your other Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements. 


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