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Omega 3 Supplements: What to look for and why

Not all Omega supplements are created equal

Did you know there may be beef or pork in your supplements? Our skin scientists are here to explain how to choose the best supplement from the shelves bursting with Omega supplements and what you should look for to support your skin health from head to toe.

Read the label

A look at the label can tell you quite a bit about a product. The key features to look for include which oils are in the product, what the capsule is made from and sustainability credentials. Many Omega 3 supplements only contain one ingredient, fish oil. Our Skin Omegas+ not only contains Omega 3 from fish oil, but also Omega 6 from evening primrose oil, plus Vitamin A. This carefully calibrated synergistic formula of 3 components is designed to achieve hydrated-looking skin over the whole body and is recommended for overall skin health*.

How our Skin Omegas+ differ from other Omega-3 supplements

Our Capsules

Supplement manufacturers encase Omega oils in gelatine capsules. Gelatine capsules can be made from beef, pork, or fish. Although fish gelatine is more expensive than the other two, Advanced Nutrition Programme™ chooses to manufacture our Skin Omegas+ capsules in fish gelatine, and we list this on the label. If it’s not listed on the product label, it is probably either bovine or porcine.

A great indicator for quality with Omega-3 supplements is on the label. At Advanced Nutrition Programme™, we go above and beyond to ensure our ingredients are of the finest quality. Since Omega 3 is mainly sourced from fish, many reputable companies will list on the label that the oil exceeds purity standards. If it’s not on the label, chances are it doesn’t. During the purifying step, we avoid using harsh chemicals to purify our fish oils, instead favouring a light steam process and charcoal filter. This results in a pure oil with no fishy after taste.

Sustainably Sourced

Our Omega 3 is sourced from sustainable fish oil from EPAX®, who are a world leading supplier known to exceed rigorous quality and purity standards. Our fish oil supplier is a member of a global organisation, GOED which sets the highest requirements for product quality amongst its members.

The fish used in our oils is caught off the coast of Peru adhering to FOS (Friends of the Sea) standards. This prevents over-fishing and guarantees the fishing methods used are sustainable and in line with conservation efforts. The fishing nets used are also all FOS approved and never reach the sea floor so cause no damage to the ocean beds. In addition, these standards ensure that accidental catches must not include animals listed in the red list of endangered species as “vulnerable” or “higher risk”.

Only certified boats can be used and must be declared, meaning we have full traceability, from the moment the fish are caught to the time the oil is encapsulated.

Remember not all Omegas are made the same and it’s important to read the label carefully to ensure the fish oil exceeds purity standards.

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