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Ingredient spotlight: CoQ10

With the change in season looming, do you feel your energy is lacking and your skin is looking dull and showing a few more lines and wrinkles. Well, read on as this skin-loving ingredient might just give your skin the bounce back it needs. CoQ10 is an underrated ingredient but what is it and what are the benefits? Here our skin experts share everything you need to know and why it’s an important ingredient to add to your skincare regime for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and overall wellbeing.

4 things you need to know

  • Provides antioxidant activity
  • Humans make CoQ10 but it declines with age
  • It’s the queen of anti-ageing
  • Low levels are associated with serious diseases

What is CoQ10?

CoQ10, also known as Coenzyme Q10 is an essential component energy in our cell’s mitochondria, which are like energy factors around the nuclear in our cells, meaning it is key for cells to repair and regenerate effectively. The mitochondria produce energy and protect cells from oxidative damage and bacteria of viruses[1]. Our bodies produce CoQ10 naturally, but as we age, the CoQ10 levels decline. Making it a valuable ingredient for overall skin health and wellbeing. Add it to your weekly diet with the following foods:

  • Meat - pork, beef, chicken
  • Nuts and seeds - sesame seeds and pistachios
  • Fish - trout, mackerel and sardines
  • Vegetables - spinach, broccoli, cauliflower
  • Fruit - oranges, strawberries

The benefits you need to know about

Beautiful skin and overall wellness really do start from within. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and is exposed to external stressors daily, such as pollution and the sun, which all contribute to visible signs of ageing.

Research shows that CoQ10 in topical reduces wrinkles but nutrients so much more. Taken orally, CoQ10 is an effective anti-ageing ingredient. One trial showed significantly reduced wrinkles and improved skin smoothness after a 12-week course of CoQ10 supplements [2].

Another impressive benefit is that it may help with exercise performance by decreasing oxidative stress in the cells and helping with energy production and reducing fatigue [2].

Furthermore, research has shown that CoQ10 can protect brain cells from oxidative stress and lower the chance of potential brain diseases [2].Highlighting the importance of taking this for overall wellbeing too.

Now you know the secrets, it’s evident why incorporating CoQ10 and pine bark as part of your skincare regime is going to help with ageing concerns including skin smoothness and reducing fine lines and wrinkles to reveal youthful, radiant skin. As well as helping overall wellbeing by supporting energy production, reducing fatigue and protecting your brain from oxidative stress. This ingredient is a real game changer.


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