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How to integrate Skin Blue Filter into your supplement regime

Adding Skin Blue Filter to your current supplement regime is an excellent way for an antioxidant increase as it contains a key antioxidant vitamin E* that protects your skin cells. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to choosing the right supplements, so we’ve taken the hard work out for you by revealing Skin Blue Filter’s perfect partners and how you can integrate this innovative formula into your supplement regime today. 

Perfect Partners

Skin Blue Filter is highly recommended for all skin types, including ageing skin, uneven skin tone and those living in high-environmental exposure areas. We’re exposed to blue light all year around, so it’s key we’re protecting our skin from this external aggressor to help reduce signs of premature ageing such as deep lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. We’ve paired Skin Blue Filter with our hero products to address various skin concerns below. 

Skin Blue Filter and Skin Youth Biome™

Skin Blue Filter helps address discolouration and uneven skin tone as well as shielding the skin from blue light. Combined with Skin Youth Biome™, which targets the seven signs of ageing (fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity, uneven skin tone, dullness, dryness & thinning skin) and synergises together microbiome technology with vitamin C for a youthful, brighter complexion all year round.

Skin Blue Filter and Skin Ultimate

Skin Ultimate our award-winning supplement system also known as the ingestible ‘anti-ageing facial’ features Skin Omegas+, Skin Asta-Boost, Skin CoQ10, and Skin Antioxidant for beautiful hair**, skin^, and nails**and head-to-toe radiance. Combining this with Skin Blue Filter maximises your results by helping to protect the skin from some of the visible signs of ageing including pigmentation, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Skin Blue Filter and Skin Accumax™

For those who are looking to address problem or stressed skin, Skin Blue Filter combined with Skin Accumax™ feeds every cell in the body from top to toe to clear and clarify your complexion. As well as shielding the skin from the negative impact of blue light. Helping you achieve a clearer, refined finish.

Skin Blue Filter and Skin Moisture IQ

Our skin researchers favourite choice is Skin Moisture IQ for addressing dry and dehydrated-looking skin. For optimum results, synergised with Skin Blue Filter. Skin Blue Filter supports hydration because the nutrients sit in the stratum corneum protecting the integrity of the lipid layer which maintains moisture. Delivering intensive hydration and glowing skin.

When adding Skin Blue Filter to your current supplement regime, follow our skin researchers’ recommendations above and your skin will soon be shielded by blue light in no time. Our skin researchers’ recommendations are based on evidence-based research as well as our own clinical trials. Our researchers would love to hear your supplement stories, when you add Skin Blue Filter to your regime. Follow us on Instagram @advancednutritionprogramme and share your experience using Skin Blue Filter.

*Vitamin Econtributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress

^Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin

**Selenium contributes to maintenance of normal hair and normal nails.