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Collagen supplements: what to look for

Collagen supplements: What to look for

There are two types of collagen supplements, ones that contain collagen and ones that contain the vitamins and nutrients that help build healthy, resilient collagen. Before adding the supplement into your skincare regime, choosing a quality, science-driven supplement is key for effective results. The supplement market is saturated, and it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming knowing which one to choose. Our skin researchers are here to educate you on collagen and collagen supplements.

Collagen co factors

Collagen is made from amino acids found in protein foods. Most of us consume enough protein in our diet, so the body already has the basic building blocks it needs to make its own collagen. However, what you may require are additional synergistic nutrients called “co-factors” which help to convert amino acids into collagen and help protect the collagen fibres. These collagen co factors are vitamins C*, B, D, zinc, MSM, phytonutrients and acerola berry, all these should be a priority to build healthy collagen* These collagen supporting ingredients and many more are found in vegan-friendly Skin Collagen Synergy.

If you’re already taking a supplement that contains collagen, you also need a supplement that contains the vitamins and nutrients to elevate strong, resilient collagen for the skin.

Supplements that contain collagen come in various ways including powder form and liquid and don’t smell or taste nice. Manufacturers of liquids and powder forms of collagen try to disguise the taste by adding sugar, sweeteners, and flavourings.

Supplements that support healthy collagen production* are in capsule form and don’t need any added artificial flavourings.

There is currently no evidence that shows one is absorbed quicker than the other. However, if you’re still interested in exploring collagen supplements to combine with Skin Collagen Synergy, follow our tips below.

Read the label

Read the label and ingredient lists found on the back before consuming supplements to ensure there are no hidden ingredients such as sugar, artificial flavourings or sweeteners that could potentially be worse for your skin health. In addition to adding calories, sugar can lead to glycation which can accelerate the ageing process.

Research the brand

Make sure the brand is backed by research and driven by science for best possible results.

Check ingredients are sustainably sourced

If the supplement contains marine collagen, make sure the supplement brand is sourcing their ingredients sustainably. This ensures their focus is on the quality of the product and nutrition and they are sourcing their ingredients using methods that conserve marine habitats, the environment, and resources.

Remember to build healthy collagen, you need the collagen co factors to help convert amino acids into collagen more efficiently. These are vitamins C*, B, D, zinc, MSM, phytonutrients and acerola berry, all these should be a priority for youthful-looking skin.

*Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.

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