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​Our awards and press mentions over the last year

Our awards and press mentions over the last year.

Our Press Awards

2023 was a busy year for us at Advanced Nutrition Programme™. Not only have we launched two new products, Skin Blue Filter and Skin Even IQ, but we’ve won countless awards and been mentioned in newspapers and magazines across the nation.

Our Awards

Many of our supplements have won awards this year. Our bestselling Skin Accumax™, targeting problem skin, won Tatler Beauty Award’s Best Sustainable Supplement in 2023 and silver winner for Best Skin Supplement in the Get the Gloss Wellness Awards. We’ve also seen success at The Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards, where three of our supplements took awards home – Skin Accumax™ in the Best Supplement for Breakouts category, and Immunity Intelligence plus Skin Collagen Synergy in the Editor’s Choice Wellbeing category.

Our bestselling Skin Youth Biome™, supporting the gut-skin connection while targeting the seven visible signs of ageing, also received recognition at the Fabulous Beauty Awards 2023 being shortlisted in the Best Supplement category. At the CEW Beauty Awards, this pioneering formula was also a finalist in the Best New Beauty Supplement category.

Globally, we have won 34 awards for our supplements and counting. In Croatia, Skin Ultimate won The Best Anti-Age Supplement by the Dermatologist’s Choice and The Best Supplement for Strengthening hair by the Choice of a Nutritionist at ESTETICA.HR – one of the leading publications in the country.

Our Press Mentions

Our Skin Omegas+ was featured in British Vogue online in an article titled ‘The Essential Vitamins You Need to See You Through the Winter.’ Packed with omegas 3 and 6, Skin Omegas+ targets dry, dehydrated skin and is a great addition to your supplement routine as the temperatures drop.

Madeleine Spencer, Freelance Beauty & Wellness Editor for Evening Standard, featured expert quotes from Lorraine, our Head of Nutrition, as well as Skin Omegas+ in an online article titled ‘The 8 winter vitamins you need to be taking this year.’

Elle Gordon, Interim Lifestyle Editor for Ireland’s biggest selling weekly magazine RTE Guide, featured Advanced Nutrition Programme™ in their latest issue, with Lorraine sharing her top recommendations for winter skin support.

"Lorraine Perretta is Head of Nutrition at Advanced Nutrition Programme™, an award-winning range of evidence-based supplements. I asked her for her recommendations coming into winter for anyone who thinks they might need a bit of an extra boost. 

She says: “I would recommend Skin Moisture IQ with Skin Youth Biome™. This really helps to support the skin’s barrier function and that really can take a beating from the differences in temperature that skin endures in winter. I have noticed my skin gets a little bit dry once I start turning on the central heating, so it is the perfect winter product. If people are looking to dazzle, then I would go with Skin Ultimate, as your ‘bright and beautiful, feeling great’ kind of product, along with Skin Youth Biome. If I could only recommend one single product though, it would be Skin Youth Biome.”

Skin Clear Biome and Skin Accumax™ were highlighted as top products in RED Magazine's October issue. Featured in an article titled 'Everything you need to know about the best in skincare.' The mention comes after RED Magazine's Beauty Director interviewed our Head of Nutrition, Lorraine Perretta, and their team expressed strong support as enthusiastic brand fans in the section titled 'Hitting the Spot’.

Their editorial team says: ‘Advanced Nutrition Programme is ahead of the curve with its Skin Clear Biome, containing three bacteria, a yeast and zinc, all believed to be beneficial in treating breakouts, working on reducing sebum (and thus making a less friendly environment for the spot-encouraging C.acnes bacteria) and inflammation. Used in conjunction with the brand’s vitamin A-containing Skin Accumax™ (frequently recommended by Red’s beauty team to skin-troubled friends and family), results can be impressive.’

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